Tips in Searching for an Affordable Self Storage Facility

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There will be a time that you will have to move, renovate or organize your home and eventually you’ll be needing a self storage facility to keep your belongings. There are many companies out there and choosing the right one might be tough. Finding one that offers the best price will also be a challenge. So how can you find the best deal?

Here are some tips for you to find an affordable self storage facility.

Select the Right Size

Sizes of storage units can go from small (5’x5′) to large (10’x30′) spaces, with sizes in between. While most of the self storage facilities have standard sizes, you will always find a company that can provide unique sizes like 5’x12′, 10’x14′, 5’x7′.

Selecting the right size is important since the monthly rental of the unit will increase based on its size. Choose the right size and have it packed efficiently so that you can save money monthly and can maximize the space.


It’s given that self storage facilities located in convenient places cost more than those in sub urban areas. However, it’s good to know that rates differ depending on the location of the storage unit within the facility. A 5′ x 7′ unit on the 3rd floor will be less costly than the 5′ x 7′ unit on the first floor which is near the entrance. Though less costly unit can be less convenient, this can be a wise choice when the price matters most to you.


It’s a requirement of most storage companies that costumers maintain insurance while they rent a unit. This requirement is not known to most people and unfortunately they’ll only be aware of it by the time they sign the paperwork. Companies will make their own coverage and sell it to you instantly. When you are one of those who are unaware of this requirement, you’ll be buying at that moment the insurance coverage offered.

In order to cut cost, spend some time looking around for coverages of self storage before signing any rental agreement. If you have renter or homeowner insurance, check whether your policy can cover the items in your self storage facility.

Avoid Rate Increase

Yes, at some point self storage facilities increase their rental rate. Though such rate increase is minimal, it will add up when you’re leasing a storage unit for long-term basis. While you can’t avoid it, exposure to such can be limited by selecting a self storage facility that would less likely have rental increase. Research the rate increase history by speaking to managers. Also, ask people for recommendations.