Finding Those Hidden Spaces to Help Organize Your Home

Storage Garage

If you are living in a small apartment or dormitory, then you know that you need to organize any space you have. There isn’t a lot of room to put your clothes, shoes, and school supplies. There are many places you can find a organizer of your closets, or wherever you live. Many grocery, hardware, and general stores carry organizing supplies. Now you need to decide where to start and what to buy.

Using Unseen Space

If you are short on money, then there are ways to organize without spending a lot of money. The main idea is to think outside of the box. The biggest thing about living in a small space is using the unseen space for storage. One space that is underutilized is the space under your bed. There are many stores that will sell you bed lifters to raise the height of your bed so you can fit boxes and storage containers under the bed. If you are looking for a less expensive way to raise your bed, then look around the area that you live in and see if you can find four bricks of the same size. These are usually lying around towns near construction sites. If you ask someone at the site, they will probably let you have four of their bricks for free. Sometimes you can find a neighbor who has an extra brick or two in their yard that they are willing to part with. If you can’t find them for free, then shop around and find out if it is cheaper to buy four bricks or to buy the bed lifters from the store.

Finding a New Purpose

When you are trying to organize your living space, you need to think of how you can use something that it is not designed for. A good example is a shoe caddy that hangs on the back of your door. The back of the doors in your home or apartment are another un-utilized space. Hanging your shoes on the back of your bedroom door will leave more space to store things on the floor of your closet. A shoe caddy does not only have to be used for shoes. It can be used to hang on the back of your bathroom door and used to store your daily bathroom essentials, like your hair brush, curling irons, toothbrush and tooth paste, and even extra toilet paper. If you are sharing a dorm or apartment with someone, then there is usually not enough drawers in the bathroom for everyone.

Organizing your space is as easy as your imagination. If you can think of a new purpose for something that will make your life easier, then use your creative genius and make it work for you. Many inventors have made millions of dollars by thinking outside of the box and creating something new to make their lives and ours easier or more organized.