Renovating Your Home for Christmas


Most people have the experience that on a particular year, their relatives flock to their home for Christmas vacation. Yes, the season of hope is also a season of home visits.

If you expect an onslaught of visitors this Christmas, you may have to prepare your home for them. You need to clean rooms, fix the bathroom, fix the roof and other home maintenance chores to ensure your visitors will have an enjoyable stay.

However, sometimes, the problem is more than just broken baths and leaky roofs–how about the fact that your place may not have enough room for your relatives who are coming over? Renovation may be the answer. Here are some ways you can increase the living space in your home to accommodate your visitors.

1. Add an extension

You might be saying, “just for this I will spend money for an extension?” Well, the fact is that an extension is a great addition to your home. Once the merry-making visitors leave, you can use it for various functions. You can turn it into a playroom for the kids, or a media home where you can watch movies with a good projector, or you can turn it into a mini gym for your health. The fact is that adding an extension to your home will never be a waste of money.

2. Convert the basement

If you have a basement that is not used other than storing things you can’t even recognize anymore, now is the time to clean it up and have a renovation company convert it into a living space. You can refurnish the walls, clean or replace the tile floors, add some decorations and most importantly add some beds. Like an extension, converting your old basement into useful space is not a waste of money because you can use it too after the visitors go back to their homes.

3. Convert a part of the garage

If you have a huge garage and just a few cars, you can use the extra space as a living space for your visitors. Renovation companies can simply put a removable partition between the actual garage and the converted one. Then after the season is over, you can either remove it or keep it.

4. Use the attics

If your home has an attic that is used to store used stuff, you might as well use that too. Clean the place up, take out those you can still use, those you can donate and those that deserves to be in the trash. Again, a renovation company can do wonders in making that old uninhabitable place into a refuge of rest. Donating your attic contents is a good idea, which is perfect for Christmas which is the season of sharing. Those you can still use can be placed in the garage or sent to a storage facility.

There is no need to be stressed out for the onslaught of visitors this Christmas. With a little creativity and a little expenditure, you can accommodate them all if you follow any of the tips above. And the best part is you have improved your home and increased its value.