Renovating With Nature in Mind: How to Incorporate Upcycling in the House


The idea of preserving nature while beautifying one’s home or personal space is the cornerstone of many renovation projects today – something that more homeowners should truly emulate. As homeowners, it’s not just about consumerism one hundred percent of the time but also thinking of being able to contribute to the effort to conserve and help in lessening one’s carbon footprint.

Instead of spending more money on acquiring new items for the house, upcycling is the buzzword in recycling with design in mind. Upcycling is recycling on a mission and that is making use of old items and repurposing them to further lengthen their use.

Here are some ways to renovate and incorporate upcycling in the plan:

1. Landscaping the garden and the inside the house.

Minding the outside of the house is important in increasing the value of the house, plus the fact that having a great garden is good for one’s overall well-being. Adding in some new plants and soil to improve the look of the garden is best. However, instead of purchasing new stones – using old ones from the flea market can be incorporated in the design.

Also, new pots are not needed. Gather some trash cans or bins and used them as flower pots outside the house as well as inside. If they have wheels, even better. You can easily move them around as you see fit.

To light up the gardens, hang some old mason jars and place candles inside with crystal pebbles and some colorful marbles. If you want some flower arrangements for the dining area, old colorful salad bowls can also be turned into amazing pots with soil and fresh flowers.

2. Amazing side tables for the bedroom.

Instead of buying new side tables, you can tap a carpenter who can re-imagine some old tables taken from flea markets. With a great paint job, these can go in the bedroom and even in other areas such as the library or home office.

The extra wood can be made into a bed stand or headboard for the bed.

3. Bathroom fixes

The bathroom is one of the most expensive areas to improve and renovate. If you’ve always wanted a rustic looking bathroom, purchasing old wood can be made into its flooring as well as old garden slab tiles. Old kitchen marble slabs can easily be made into its countertop while old cabinets can serve as the sink area. For the basin, old kitchen bowls in stainless steel can also be used. Not only are these chic looking, they are also hygienic and very easy to disinfect. Old door knobs can be incorporated in the shower. Dipping it in waterproof paint can save it from rusting. For the overall tiling of the walls, old kitchen tiles can also work.

The important thing with upcycling is being creative as well as inventive and imaginative in making something that’s headed into the trash into something that’s useful and beautiful. When it comes to repurposing, sky’s the limit!