What You Can Do If You Don’t Have A Copper Vent Hood In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Improvements

The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such, the one room you want to keep clean at all times. It is also where all your food preparation is done, therefore at a higher risk of dangerous bacteria. Learning to deal with an open plan kitchen design or a kitchen that leads straight into the living area without a copper vent hood is something that is going to take some getting used to and you may find yourself opening windows in the living room to free the home of odors when it comes to cooking some of the family’s favorite meals.

One of the options you can consider while you plan to renovate your kitchen or while living in rented accommodation without a copper vent hood is to open the window in the kitchen and use a fan to extract the air. Any desk fan will work and when you are cooking a meal which will give off a strong smell, place the fan facing out of the window and put it on full power. This will extract the steam and odors and push them outside, leaving your kitchen and the rest of your home completely odor free.

Another great option is to invest in a portable air humidifier. Often you will use the humidifier in the living room or bedroom to remove vapor from the air and provide you with clean air. Most air humidifiers will also remove odors, depending on which one you purchase. You can place this in the kitchen while cooking to reduce the risk of the odors and steam making its way into the rest of the home, making it hard to get rid of for the rest of the night.

A great item to keep in your kitchen if you don’t have the convenience of a copper vent hood is a grease splatter guard. You can buy them at most home stores and they look like a mess frying pan. They fit over the top of the pan when you are making food which can and will splatter, reducing the grease that is collected on your kitchen walls and ceiling.

It is important that if you don’ t have a copper vent hood in your kitchen that you ensure you wash all your cabinets and walls down on a regular basis. You will be amazed that while your walls look clean, a simple wipe will show you how much grime has collected through general day to day cooking. Choose one a day a week where you conduct a deep clean of your kitchen until you are able to install a copper vent hood and enjoy the benefits that it provides.

Always choose a washable paint for the kitchen. You want a paint you can wash and scrub regularly, removing dirt and grime from your walls and ceiling at all times. The final thing to do when you don’t have a vent hood is to open up windows in the nearby area of the kitchen while you cook. Most kitchens will have a window, but if it is open plan, also open the dining and living room windows to ensure all odors are expelled quickly and effectively.