Barbeque Grill Grates – Choosing the Best One

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The grill grate is the piece of the barbeque grill that sits atop of the heat source and where you place the food for cooking. All barbeque grills have a grate but many times those that cookout want a specific type of grate on the grill that they buy. The average grate can be made from different types of materials from ceramic-coated steel to chrome-plated steel to cast iron. Each grate material has a special purpose whether it is for a grill that is gas-fired to the tradition charcoal grill. Often the type of grate the grill has is the reason that the homeowner chooses one grill over other grills.

Chrome-plated steel barbeque grate

This is considered the bottom-of-the-line model that is normally found on charcoal grill entry-level models. When the grate is new it offers non-stick capabilities but eventually it starts to rust and be hard to clean. To improve it’s life use a non-stick spray before cooking on the grate. You should also use on-metal tools on this grate. If you do not mind buying a new grate every season and just looking for a short-term cooking surface you should choose this grate.

Ceramic or porcelain coated steel barbeque grate

This is one that is used on gas and charcoal grills. It consists of a steel-wire grate that is coated with a porcelain or ceramic material for cooking food that does not stick along with easy cleanup. You can find this grate in barbeque grills and as a grate replacement. It is a durable and economically priced grill grate. It is a wise choice for your cooking needs as long as you care for it by cleaning it completely each time you use it. If there is burned food stuck on the grate make sure that you get it off as soon as the grill cools down.

Cast iron barbeque grill grate

Most people who grill out a lot state that this kind of product offers more benefits than other ones. It provides the even heating and gives food exclusive grill marks. To keep your grill grate in first-rate cooking order you need to oil the grill grate. When cooking meat on this grill grate the grate will heat evenly and quickly to give you the right surface for searing meat along with fish and chicken. It also holds heat longer than other grates.

When looking at grills and grill grates chose the one that best suits your needs and how often you grill during the summer. The grill should also fit your budget. If you have any questions you should ask the clerk in the home improvement store where you can buy grill and grill grates