What Exactly Is A Thread Count?

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You’ve probably heard of thread count before. Do you know what it means? You’re probably aware of some of the different types of sheet fabrics. Do you know how important the thread count and fabric your sheets are made of are? Fabric and the count affect us in more ways than we give them credit for!

Thread count is simply a measurement. It measures the amount of thread sown into one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count typically indicates a better quality in softness. This can be true and untrue. However, the higher the count does indicate a much higher price typically. Thread count is not the only factor of good quality sheets. The weave and fiber quality are components that effect quality. Thread count typically matters more when concerning one hundred percent cotton sheets. There are several types of sheets you can buy other than cotton. Cotton is however one of the most common fabric types.

There are several options – satin, linen, polyester, knit, flannel and cotton/polyester blends. Flannel and knit sheets are more common in the colder months. Satin and linen sheets are more common in the warmer months. One hundred percent cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blends are used throughout the year. Depending on the person, you may have certain preferences with fabrics. All of these fabrics can offer comfort and quality sleep.

Price range varies from fabric to fabric. The brand of the sheets also effects the price. When selecting sheets be mindful of the count, fiber quality, weave and fabric. There is a lot that goes into selecting the right sheets. But picking the right set of sheets is very important as it effects your quality of sleep and comfort. If you want a restful night, then make sure you outfit your bed with the best sheets made of quality fabric and high thread count – and make sure they are right for you!

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