Family Over Friends

Home and Family

Our friends are important and may seem better than families. Yet family goes a long way than certain friendship. Growing up in a large family I have learnt to value the bond of family.

Family shapes us on how you can face the society. From the always fighting siblings, the constant scolding parents to the question asking aunt and uncle. All these people put together, builds us into either a strong person to the society or a weak person to the society. What you get from family is what you can give out to friends or society.

It is from family you can learn certain temperament and how to deal with them. It is from family you can learn to tolerate friendship and even marriage.

Growing up, my cousin sister was a constant bone in my throat. But I had no other choice, but to tolerate her. Am glad I did because, with that experience I was able to tolerate friends that has same temperament as my cousin.

These made me understand that, friends are chosen by choice but families are put together not by choice but by fate and We have no choice but to make the best out of it.

Family is the bed rock of an individual. They are the first people you see and associate with.The bond of family is stronger and last from generation to generation.

Family provide unconditional love and support to each members. Without family we have no heritage nor identity.During tough times our family are there to hold our hands and share our pain with us especially in the death of a member and also in our joy they are also there to celebrate with us.

I remember when I was sick, my family especially my mum was by my side; when I open my eyes she was always there. She spent sleepless nights, to ensure I am nursed back to health. My family was always there, when I needed them the most.

I believe, we all have experienced same care in one way or the other from our families. Not that friends can’t do most of these stuff; its never same like the family.

Values of life are passed on by our family to guide us and give us direction for as long as we live. We inherit certain qualities from our family and abide by certain traditions of our family.

The importance of family is great and has a strong holds in ones life.