Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Care


When you have a restaurant, it is important that you have the right type of flooring in the dining and entrance area. You want to have restaurant hardwood flooring because it is easier to maintain and keep the area clean and sanitary for the guests. With hardwood flooring it is very important that you know how to take care of it so that it stays looking new. This type of flooring is tough and there are new finishes that add to their ability to withstand spills, and scratches. On the other hand, they are not indestructible. This is why hardwood floor maintenance is so important.

When your restaurant has hardwood flooring it adds a touch of elegance, natural beauty, and warmth to the restaurant. Most hardwood floor surfaces today are finished using polyurethane to make them look shiny and glossy. This finish looks like a plastic coating over the floor and is very hard wearing. Some may use a finish that is called penetrating seals, which consists of oil or wax finishes. They penetrate the wood to protect the flooring from the inside.

The best way to clean the floor is to remember that less is more so choose the simplest method. This method would be to sweep them every day and then go over them with a slightly damp mop. When using a broom make sure that the it is a soft broom. You can also use a vacuum but you need to make sure that there is no beater bar because this can damage the flooring. All you need from the vacuum is suction. It is important that you remove all the dirt and grit before you mop the floor. Either of these two can scratch the floor.

Because it is a big job to wax and buff the floors on a nightly or weekly basis many restaurants will hire a professional company to come in one or two times a month after closing to do these jobs. How often will depend on how much traffic there is on a daily basis on the restaurant hardwood flooring.

In a restaurant there are going to be spills so it is necessary to make sure that they are wiped up immediately. This should be done not only for safety reasons but also to help prevent stains on the floors. In a high traffic area, such as the entrance to the restaurant, there should be a carpet runner or floor mat to help protect the flooring. Prolong exposure to direct sunlight can discolor hardwood floors so there should be blinds that can be closed to help prevent this.

Taking proper care of your restaurant hardwood flooring can help to ensure that it will last for many years.