How LED Lights Are Making Our World Better

Energy Efficiency

There are many advantages to using LED lights. From the need for less energy to smaller size to brighter light that it’s no surprise that LED’s can make a real difference. Here are some ways that LED lights are improving our world.

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam recently announced that they would replace their high pressure sodium street lights by the year 2020 with LED street lights. The goal of the city is to drastically reduce the amount of energy needed for street lighting, to conserve energy and to use energy more efficiently.

In New York City, the department of transportation replaced hundreds of thousands of old, traditional street lights with LED based lights in neighborhoods like ELmhurst, Corona and Jackson Heights. The move not only produced significant energy savings, but also helped reduce maintenance costs, as the lights they chose have a long 15 year life span. City officials predict that they will save about 6 million dollars a year in power savings and also on repairs. That’s not the only advantage for these neighborhoods of New York City though. In fact, one of the main reasons LED’s were chosen for this project were to help reduce crime in these areas. Global studies have shown that better lighting in neighborhoods reduces overall crime. Crime prevention is yet another advantage and reason to use LED lights.

In Toledo, Ohio, citizens are raising money to install thousands of LED lights on the Anthony Wayne Bridge so they can light it up in patriotic colors of red, white and blue. The lights would be programmable so that different colors and patterns can be shown on the bridge for different events, holidays and seasons. For this use, LED’s are making our world brighter and more festive.

Reasons Why LED’s Are Safer

LED’s can not only make streets safer by lighting them up. LED’s are also safer since they don’t burn hot like traditional incandescent bulbs. In the past, you would put traditional Christmas bulbs on your Christmas tree. Sadly, these bulbs have burned warm and even hot and placed on a dry Christmas tree, that heat can cause a fire in the home. LED’s can also be placed in areas where light is needed yet cannot be placed since electricity can’t be found nearby. In addition, LED’s give off a brighter light so that less bulbs are needed and less power is needed to give off the same light.