After The Storm – Property Damage And Flooding

Cleaning Tips and Tools

Storms are of several types; tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and dust devils, but irrespective of their type, they all have one major thing in common – each type creates devastation and havoc which is beyond man’s control. Hurricane Harvey that hit the states of Texas and Louisiana just recently, looks to be one of the most damaging natural calamities in US history. Tens of thousands of residents were forced to evacuate their houses, business came to a standstill, properties were destroyed and thousands of lives were endangered.

Storms are unpredictable. They can occur when you least expect it thus, increasing their havoc creating ability greatly. They can dismantle even the well-built framed houses, can uproot and snap even the sturdiest trees, and topple down big and heavy poles. Fallen trees and toppled poles will isolate residential areas, the power supply will be out for weeks, and most of the areas will be inhabitable for weeks or months.

For many people, the after effects of a storm are more disturbing than the storm itself. Also, a flood damaged house has serious repercussions following a storm. Water can set in and start damaging your property, valuables, business, within as little as 48 hours. Hence, as soon as the ground is clear after the storm has passed, property owners should call for a trusted storm damage restoration company.

Below are some tips to consider if your property has been affected by storm flood damage

Safety First

Stay away from broken power lines, fallen trees, roofs, avoid using anything electric or explosive after a flood damage and call your utility company as soon as possible.

Assess the Damage

The roof is most susceptible to heavy winds. If broken branches or other heavy debris have been brought into your house with the winds, then along with flood water you can also have serious structural damages. Look for damage to the exterior surfaces of your house, windows, doors, roofs etc. so that when the professional house cleaning personnel arrive at your doorstep, you have a mental note of all the things that need assistance. If possible take pictures of the damages.

Report the Damage

Report the damage to your insurance company. Read your insurance policy carefully, provide pictures and the estimate from the restoration contractor you have chosen to work with. It is important to report and avail insurance claim as soon as possible. Any type of damage can devalue your house and hence, the damage should be fixed immediately before it leads to greater damages in the future.